Summer Revels 2017!

Save the date: Summer Revels, our out-of-game potluck and casual get-together, will be on Saturday, July 29 from 1-7pm! Come and learn each other’s out-of-game names!

The event will take place at 103 Turnpike Road Westminster MA 01473, the home of Alice Trei’s parents, who have graciously agreed to host our event for the fourth year in a row.

  • There is a pool! Bring your swimsuit and towel!
  • The event is a potluck: bring food/drinks to share! There is an outdoor grill.
  • There will be games and competitions with in-game prizes!
  • Bring your SOs, your children, and anyone who might be interested in the game.

How to get there: take exit 27, not 28, regardless of what your GPS tells you. Exiting at 28 leads to a blocked road littered with glass. Taking exit 27 leads to a sign saying that the street is closed except for local traffic; ignore the sign and carry on. Park in the lower driveway when you arrive.

Hope to see you there!

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Unfortunately Ashleigh and I will not be able to make it. We’ll be in Yellowstone at the time.

People have been pretty good about labeling their food contributions with ingredient lists at previous potluck events, but I just wanted to post a reminder that it is good practice. Common dietary restriction/allergy warnings (i.e. is vegan, contains dairy/peanuts/etc) are useful, but there are also people with less common dietary restrictions who may need more specific information.

I bring this up because I will be on a low-iodine diet at the time of Revels, which is not super common but rather ingredient restrictive*. While most of the things I need to avoid are usually included on potluck food ingredient lists, I’ve noticed that specific seasonings are sometimes left off for brevity. In particular, I will be needing to avoid iodized salt, which is pretty much used in everything ever, so I would be super grateful if people would take the time to provide full ingredient lists for their foodstuffs.

Thanks, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone!

*If you’re curious, here’s an infosheet about low-iodine food restrictions:

If anyone needs a ride let me know! I am in the Bostonish area

Sadly, I won’t be able to make it this year. I have a Martial Arts camp that weekend I am teaching at.

Have fun everyone!

Hi all! I usually aim to bring foods that people with dietary restrictions can eat: vegetarian/vegan, glutenfree, etc. I’m planning on bringing a vegan corn-and-bean salsa (and can keep out the salt for you, krue. Some websites say that Kosher salt is okay if it’s not iodized or sea salt?). If anyone has other requests, let me know! (I really enjoy cooking/baking, and I want to make sure everyone has food :3 )

Also: is there anywhere (like a google doc) to coordinate food? Or is it just whatever you feel like? :sunny:

Yup, kosher salt is fine, often they’ll have big “No iodine” labels on them if you’re unsure. Thanks! :slight_smile:


  1. Potluck Lottery: each person who brings potluck will get their name put in a hat (or other hat-like receptacle), and one will get drawn out randomly for a prize. If there are enough quality entries, we might draw twice, for 2 prizes.
  2. Pool Game: there will be a pool game (exact details TBD). With enough people and interest, there might be more than one.
  3. Team Trivia Contest: Teams (up to 6 people on a team) can compete, answering in-game trivia.

Prizes will be in-game items.

The trivia was quite funny last year.

Oops! I forgot to reply to this. Usually for revels we don’t do a big coordination thing – just bring stuff you want to eat and a bit to share!

It was great seeing everyone.

To whoever made the zucchini bread and the tofu curry, they were super delicious!