Velliar Symposium - All welcome

Greetings, people of Oak Harbor!

This year, the University leadership has decided to turn the Annual Research Review for area scholars into a public event. On Willowsday afternoon of next gather, at approximately 3 in the afternoon, we will be opening a gate to a lecture hall, using one of the small edifices by your river.

You can expect to hear short research presentations from Lecturer Strigford, Docent Leopold, Scribe Venia, and myself. We will also be setting aside some time for guest speakers. If you have any research you would like to present, please leave a note hear, or contact me or Lecturer Strigford.

We will also be setting aside a back room for more private research discussions.

For the more martially inclined, you will have the chance to test your skills against the Wardens, with appropriate prizes for the victors.

Knowledge is power!

Gabrielle Ibsen,
Docent of the Manifest Arts with Accolades

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I will find a topic to present on. Back room, I imagine.


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Is anyone allowed to present on a topic?

Yes, anyone may present.

Though the Wardens may cut topics short if the topic presents any undue danger…

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Oh this sounds wonderful. Do you have a desired length for a presentation? Who is the target audience? I have topics that are most useful to non-mystics, and some that are more useful to mystics. This doesn’t seem like a venue for introductory material, though I do have a short talk on scoping research topics. I’ve written some contemplations on the nature of a couple different magics, and the discussions around those can be quite interesting, though I suspect at least one might want the back room. Though those are more instructional rather than presentation of research. I’ll focus on a research topic.

I’ll definitely have something prepared that won’t require the back room.

This is going to be so much fun.

Roderago Aldenberg ni Wrightwood di Ternacenti

Each topic should be about 5-10 minutes.

Although this is not an introductory venue, we are hoping to attract a general audience.
Our current topics include a discussion of Reverie, one on Runecraft for interaction with golems, and one relating to reinterpretation of archaeological data in light of the recent reactivation of certain power areas in Vigor. Additional topics to increase the breadth of the symposium, such as novel developments in the Mystic arts or topics pertaining to Firmament, would be appreciated.

Although it may be introductory for you, anything summarizing unusual beings or occurrences specific to the Witchwood could also be an interesting topic for our visiting scholars to hear.

-Docent Gabrielle

I feel reasonably prepared to present a general briefing on dangerous beings unique to the Witchwood, such as Gurtoss and the creatures we have dubbed “Anglerfish.”

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Shane will be presenting the 6 realms of a criminal endeavor.


Docent Gabrielle,

Would it be possible to obtain one of each of the following components from the University on a strictly temporary basis, for demonstration purposes during the front room portion of my lecture? Temporary, I assure you. Any temptation I’d have to attack you and steal them for myself are safely repressed by the Oath. The Guild will further protect you from attack by the rest of the town, while these items are on your person.

  • Bellumite
  • Crabapple
  • Crow Egg
  • Figment Lizard
  • Giant Spider Venom Gland
  • Grindleking Heart
  • Heartwood, either shape
  • Hydra Egg
  • Mire Centipede
  • Pearl
  • Peregrinite
  • Phoenix Egg
  • Quicksilver
  • Whippoorwill Egg

If possible, please bring as many as you can.

Guildmaster Torren

I can lend my quicksilver

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(Oh, and one of each of the Primus. Surely the University has those somewhere, as they do not rot?)

Also, even odds I lose them in the course of bringing them to the lecture because they are so small and sticky, but I will bring MAGGOTS!

Guildmaster Torren,

Though the University has ample supplies of components, I’m afraid I am unlikely to be able to bring very many or any of particular power on such short notice, given the extensive requisition process.

If you could pick one or two of particular priority and provide a summary of why a drawing of the component is insufficient, I will see what I can do.

-Docent Ibsen

Docent Ibsen:

My preference would be, in order: Eye of the Abyss, Peregrinite, Bellumite, Heartwood, Pearl, Figment Lizard.

Why drawings are insufficient:

  • EotA: because there is a feeling from looking at one that cannot be expressed by a picture
  • Peregrinite and Bellumite: because no one in town has seen one, ever
  • Heartwood: the colors are dull enough that it’s easy to pass it by unless you’ve seen one in person
  • Pearl: it’s weird and small enough that it’s easy to pass it by unless you’ve seen one in person
  • Figment Lizard: I could never draw something cute enough to capture its likeness