Volunteers needed to move our stuff to summer storage!

Greetings, RFR community! Here’s an opportunity to get some CP and visit our good old campsite, despite not having any events on the schedule….

We need volunteers to move our things into summer storage, and the earlier the better! We could start as early as this weekend, and our goal is having everything moved by early June.

What needs to be done:

Our totes, boffers, and odd-shaped items are currently in the big mod hall (they were moved there because the “nature shed” where we stored them is being physically moved to accommodate septic work). Our flats and other wooden box shaped things are in the smaller mod hall (though it’s possible a few are still hanging around the big mod hall). All of these things need to be moved from the mod halls into the summer storage area underneath Sharleen’s house, across the street.

How to help (we need around 3 groups, perhaps 4):

  • Find a small group of volunteers that you are already in contact with, or who you would be willing to be in proximity with for a couple hours if you were wearing masks.
  • Choose a day to help! If you choose a weekend day, there is a lower chance of workers on site.
  • I will coordinate with the workers on site, and with Sharleen, to make sure that you can get in and out with minimal contact with others. I should be able to make sure that no one has been in contact with any of our gear for 72 hours before you arrive, minimizing the chance of C19 exposure.
  • Once you’ve planned your trip, I’ll be in touch with the details of your task! The first group out will need to move the flats (and I will appreciate you extra much, because I know that task isn’t fun). The subsequent groups will move totes and odd-shaped boxes.
  • You will get 1 CP per hour of time spent moving, applied towards the RFR game of your choice!

Please help out by claiming a shift! Your kindness, biceps, and desire for volunteer CP will save me from having to do this on my own, and I deeply appreciate it!

Hang in there and stay safe,

Joy Perkinson,

RFR President

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Update: All done! Thanks very much to those who helped!

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