Welcome to the new site!

Use the “Site Feedback” forum for site feedback, of course.

We will use this thread to announce new major features.

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As of today, please use these new forums instead of the old ones at the old site. Those old threads will eventually be ported over to here. (In the meantime, we have closed the old forums to new topics.)

When you first go to these forums on a device, you are not logged in automatically. If you have a site login, just click the “log in” button and you will automatically be logged in with the same account.

The post from the old site: http://www.witchwoodroleplaying.com/forums/topic/new-website/

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At the request of @Christian, the main page of the new site now displays the current Evrish date (so as of this posting it says, “Today is Maplesday, the 51st day of Umbra, year 815 of the Velliar Reckoning.”)

And the forums have gotten much prettier!

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If you look in the sidebar of the new site, you will find a “After Events” link. Follow that, and you will you can both view your old PELs and submit a new one for the Feast! (Assuming you attended the Feast, of course.)

Currently, we’ll be giving PEL and Potluck CP manually, on the old site. That will change once the character database is moved over.

Also note: if you were one of the people who attended Feast but had not yet created an account on the new site (i.e. I asked you for your email address when you checked in), send email to webmaster AT witchwoodroleplaying DOT com, so we can match up your account with your attendance, so you can then submit a PEL.

(You are reading this and haven’t created an account yet? Fix that!)

Today’s tidbit: highlighting a feature of these forums of which some people were reportedly unawares.

Did you know, you can send a private message to any other person on the forums? Just click on their username or user icon, and you should see a fancy pop-up. Like this…

Click on that green “Message” icon, and voila! You’re composing a private message directly to them. Depending upon their notification settings, they may even get an email when it arrives. Just another handy-dandy built-in feature of this lovely piece of web software called Discourse.

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For upcoming events, the individual event pages now display a list of registered player characters. Like this:

Go forth and nag your friends if they haven’t registered! Please only use this power for good.

(In the interest of privacy, if you would prefer not to appear on this list, you can opt out by clicking on “Account” and selecting “Private Bookings”.)


Go to the After Events link in the sidebar, and you can find your way to viewing your old BGS, and submitting new BGS.

As usual, you need to be registered for an event to submit BGS for it.


Is anyone else having trouble accessing their accounts on the old site? I went there to pull up my info for Omoira to start filling out my BGS, but every time I click on my character, I get this error message:

You are not logged in. If you believe this is an error, please log out, log in again, and try again. Sorry!

I have logged out and logged back in five times and continue to get that message. I can’t fill out my BGS until I see my character info (including CP to spend). Am I the only one with this issue? And is there a character info page on this site I’m just not finding? I don’t think so, since I don’t think the database has moved over yet, but I figured I’d check


You are not the only person seeing this problem.

What has worked so far: once you’ve logged out, log back in from the front page, only. (Yes, this is very odd.)

And, hopefully, we’ll have to cope with this issue for only a little while longer.

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Alas, not yet. Soon I hope; believe me when I tell you I am working as fast as I can.

Oh I believe you! I’m sorry, that wasn’t meant to be a dig, I’m just making sure I hadn’t missed something while I was poking about and referencing the comment a little higher to show that I had read it and wasn’t being deliberately obtuse. Nah, nah, you work at your own pace and thank you for putting all this together. I’m less worried about how fast you’re working and more about how unobservant I can be.

No dig intended nor received, then. We’re all good. :slight_smile:

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Characters are up. Did that really take two whole months? Dang. I apologize for the unconscionable delay.

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x-posted from Facebook: It looks like there may be a few laggards who waited until this process was completed to transfer over their characters. Which is totally understandable! But the import function on the site is only a partial transfer. For the moment (and I will fix this), I still have to run a batch process in the background to finish the job. So please don’t freak out, if you go to import now, and your characters seem to be blank.


The Good News: the character import process is now fully automated, requiring no intervention from me.

The Mediocre News: if you had an account on the old site, but did not create one on the new site, an account was automatically created for you (during the changeover this past weekend) and set to inactive. You will need to contact an admin (probably me) to activate this account, so that you may sign in and import your characters.

This what we in the development world call “a long tail.”

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Hey Eben, is it possible to pull over the forum posts from the old site, or are those just gone? I occasionally went back and checked the contact lists for email addresses and Lavinia’s list of NPC names, among other things.

We have plans to transfer over all the old threads. They are not lost (even if they are not accessible at the moment).