Winter 2017 Donations List

Since the seasonal CP spending cap will rollover on Monday, 3/20, at 6am, it’s a good time to repost the donations list.

Here are the things we could use:

  1. [CLAIMED] A bunch (~12x) more solar lanterns, like these:
  2. [CLAIMED] A folding card table:
  3. [CLAIMED] 3-6 pairs of small horns:
  4. 2 of these masks:
  5. [CLAIMED] 6 pairs of mouse ears:
  6. [CLAIMED] 1 pack of these buttons:
  7. [CLAIMED] chef coats (6x red, 6x blue, 6x green, 6x white, various sizes): or
  8. [CLAIMED] 1 pack of these masks:
  9. [CLAIMED] 1 pack of these masks:
  10. Any of these masks:;;
  11. Any of these prosthetics:;;;;
  12. [CLAIMED] Some glow batons:
  13. renaissance shirts in various sizes
  14. [CLAIMED] cloaks in various colors, particularly rust
  15. scrim cloth

I’ve ordered the red, blue, and white chef’s coats.

In addition, we could also use the following:

Picked up the tarps and ink pens.

Grabbing the solar lanterns

Ok, got the rest of the chef coats (the green ones).

Thank you all! Of the remaining things, the most useful to get would be #3 (the small horns).

I’ll get #3 (the small horns).

#2- card table
#5- mouse ears
#6- acorn buttons
#11- glow batons (how many and in what color do you need them?)
#14- cloaks ( or, as staff requires)


For the glow batons, for now get one pack of red, and we’ll see if we want any others once we try them out.

For cloaks, at least 2 brown would be good. But if you are feeling extra enthusiastic, we would take up to 4 brown, 2 red, 2 purple for the general costume stash.

I grabbed 8 and 9.
4 says it’s sold out.

For #4, we could go with this instead:

Ok, ordered two of those.