Winter Feast, March 4, Hibernian Hall

Winter Feast 2017 will be on Saturday, March 4, at Hibernian Hall in Watertown.

  • Like with past years, food will be potluck (and we will be coordinating with people bringing food).
  • Cost will be $30, or $25 if you bring potluck.
  • An in-game announcement will come out, probably in early February.

You can register now, on the website.

March 4th, huh? Is the theme a Tattershawl birthday party for Omoira? (I kid, I kid!)

Do we know if the season will roll over before or after the Winter Feast?

It will roll over after the feast (probably a week after, if I recall correctly).

EDIT: 2 weeks after, the same time as the Feast PEL deadline.

Feast will start at 4pm, and end by 9pm.

Can someone let me know who brought the tavern table cloths home to launder after Fall 2? We would like to use them for the Feast.


I am looking for the stuff I brought home now to see if they’re there! (It was a long time ago, sorry.)

I have the tablecloths, and I will bring them with me to Feast.

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Reminder: the feast starts at 4pm (and goes until about 9pm).

If possible, try to show up by 3:30, so you can get checked in, get your costuming sorted out, etc. Also, we’d like at least a few people to stay after 9 to help with clean up (it won’t be much clean up, and we need to be out by 9:30, so it won’t go very late).

Thanks for the great Feast!

Everyone who attended should now be able to PEL.

Also, I’ve given a CP to everyone who brought potluck. (If you signed up to bring potluck but didn’t bring it, or vice versa, let us know.)