Witchwood Retrospective

As part of our 10th anniversary year, as something fun, I’m planning to post an old plot doc title here every week.

The first one is from Friday night of Spring 1, 2013: “Save Me From the Skeleton Faucet”

From Spring 2, 2013, we have a selection:

  • Dinner at the People-Feeder
  • Wanna Keep Your Kneecaps?
  • Oh Brazier Where Art thou

It’s just too hard to narrow it down for Fall 1, 2013:

  • Drinking Blood is Still Creepy
  • Why Are The Purple Rats Eating My Face?
  • A Tree Hour Tour
  • Garden of Eat 'Em
  • Defense Is The Best Nonsense
  • Runed My Day

Is it correct to sing “Dinner at the People-Feeder” to the approximate tune of Flying Purple People-Eater? :notes: Because, my brain sure is.


I can neither confirm nor deny. :slight_smile:

Fall 2, 2013:

  • Spriggan Army and Leggy
  • You Say Creepy, I Say Community
  • Undead Are Bad M’kay
  • No More Mx Nice Rat
  • Prax 4 Life… 4 Reals