10 Years of Witchwood and a Time Capsule

Hi All,

As you might be aware, our Fall 2 event is occurring at the campsite where Witchwood ran during its first year. The in game explanation for this is that we are moving the trees back to a configuration they were in 10 years ago to fix the problem where they are attacking. In order to actually move the trees, a ritual will be taking place on Saturday night of Fall 1 around a campfire. The ritual will involve recounting stories of events that have happened over the 10 years that Witchwood has been running (ordered from newest to oldest). The stories will be printed on parchment and placed in a box to be kept as a time capsule that will be kept by myself and opened in 10 years.

If you have a story you would like to share and you would like staff to print it for you (or to be able to print it on site if you lose it), please write it down and send it to admin-staff@witchwoodroleplaying.com. It’s okay if the version you tell verbally doesn’t 100% match what you write but we want a written version to be placed in that time capsule.

Further, I would like to invite people who have fond memories of the game but whose lives have caused them to move away from the game for whatever reason to send us stories. We will have an NPC read them for you at game, crediting your character as the author. The stories will be placed in the time capsule like any other.

Looking forward to hearing what you all have to share!



I love this!!

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Hell yes. 2033 is gonna be a heckuvayear already I can tell.