2021 Rulebook Updates

Hi Everyone,

These aren’t incorporated into the pdf yet, but the following rulebook changes will take effect for the Fall 2021 season:

1. BMV change

On page 16, Delivery of Effects, create a new section labeled Other. Move By My Voice out of the Spells section and into the Other section.

  • By My Voice indicates that the following EFFECT works by voice: the target will be clearly specified (e.g. ‘‘By My Voice: everyone…,’’ ‘‘By My Voice: all humans in this circle…,’’ or ‘‘By My Voice, John Smith…’’).

The intention of this change is to allow both spells and non-spell effects to be delivered by Voice.

2. Locks change

On page 19 under Locks, add the following to the end: “Any door/box/etc shut with an in-game lock should still be openable out-of-game without having to bypass the lock.”

3. Advanced Learning details for non-Magic-Caster Headers

This describes both the Advanced Paths introduced in 2019, and some new content we have been working on over quarantine.

In the Advanced Learning section on page 40:

Replace this:

"Soldiers may learn to resist certain disabling effects and make their Cleave and Slay abilities more efficient. Swashbucklers may improve their agility, learn to resist certain disabling spells, and make their Slay abilities more efficient.

Scouts may improve their efficiency at using Venom, learn to partially avoid pit traps, or learn to scout in the wilderness to track adversaries, locate objects, or find paths to interesting places. Spies may hone their assassination and subterfuge skills and learn to partially avoid surprise attacks and pit traps.

Anyone who can wield a Bow/Crossbow can learn to use a variety of weapon calls via their arrows. Anyone with the Device skill may learn to craft their own traps."

with this:

Soldiers and Swashbucklers can find their place in the hierarchy of Vigor as a Commander, strengthening and coordinating those under their command; as a Lieutenant, focusing on mobility and targeted strikes; or as a Grunt, dealing damage to multiple foes to complete the mission. Soldiers embrace the path of the Line Commander, Vanguard Leader, or Berserker, while Swashbucklers would follow the path of the Flank Commander, Strike Captain, or Reaver.

Spies and Scouts can focus their training on specific fields. A Spy can embrace striking at a target from the shadows as an Assassin, perfect their breaking and entering as a Master Thief, or focus on building their plan of execution as a Spymaster. A Scout can embrace their ties to the woods as a Woodsperson, use careful shots with their bow to take down a target as a Hunter, or focus on leading a group where they need to go as a Guide. In addition to these paths, both a Spy or a Scout can focus on more efficiently placing and utilizing traps as a Trapmaster, take deadly aim with their ranged weapons as a Deadeye, or cleverly use venoms and poisons to eliminate their foes as a Poisonmaster.

Anyone with the Device skill may learn to craft their own traps."