2021 Witchwood Dates

Hi everybody,

We’re still in “wait and see” mode on 2021 events, but we do have weekends reserved with the camp.

I don’t expect to have in-person events in the Spring, but there’s some hope for Fall. And I’d still like to have virtual hanging out on the Saturday of any event weekend where we cancel. So will that in mind, our 2021 dates are:

April 16-18
May 28-30

Sept 3-5
Oct 1-3

Stay safe,
-Beth B.


That sounds great. Can’t wait to meet everyone!

Details still TBD, but see you all online soon on 4/17!

Hi Witchwood Community!

The plot staff has been talking, and we would like to run some sort of in person Fall event(s).
These won’t look exactly like our regular pre-plague events, and we’d like your input on what they ought to look like.
As part of that, please fill out the survey below by the end of the day June 14th.
The survey is anonymous (unless you fill out the optional question giving me your contact info).

Some actions we already plan to take:

  • Cancel the event(s) if weather looks too bad to spend most of it outdoors
  • Require that only vaccinated people register. (We’re not going to check cards, but we are trusting you to take this seriously and act honestly in accordance with our Code of Conduct.)
  • Provide additional space to spread out. (This means putting up pop-up tents to create more ventilated-shelter, encouraging tent camping to have fewer people sleeping in any given building, and running as many mods as possible outdoors, such that the mod halls can be additional shaded chill-out space, especially for de-crowding the staff center.)
  • Put fans everywhere possible.
  • Talk to our cooks / tavern staff about ways to de-crowd meals, e.g. make them box-lunch style.
  • No sharing of costumes or make-up among NPCs - to be distributed ahead of time or set aside after use.
  • Have additional sanitation stations with hand sanitizer and disposable masks available.

For any arc-plot we may run, we expect the Fall to be mostly about wrapping up plots that were near their conclusions. This will leave the newer plot threads that were just starting to be focal points of 2022, when we hope to return to a more traditional event style.
Should we run multi-day events this Fall, we don’t plan to run any significant plot threads relating to multi-event arcs on Friday(s) or Sunday(s), to make it feasible for people to only come on Saturday without missing major plot advancement.

Without further ado, here’s the survey:

Please reach out to me with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.
-Beth B.
WW Game Director