A Benefit Auction for Salendale Reparations

Good day to the citizens of Oak Harbor,

On Willowsday (timing forthcoming depending on my travel plans) I will be hosting an Auction of fine magical items. All proceeds of the auction shall go to reparations and crafting materials needed to restart many businesses in Salendale.

Thanks to the generous contribution of one Rosen Islington, the Smithy has been able to reestablish much of their equipment needed to begin operations. The contributions made to this auction shall help provide them components and materials necessary to start producing goods again. All other proceeds will go to other efforts to rebuild parts of the city damaged during the unlawful occupation and conflict that occurred there.

I will be personally matching 100% of the proceeds of the auction with my own funds, as part of my personal effort to invest in reparations in Salendale.

I look forward to visiting your town again to facilitate this fundraising event.

- Ambrose Benefacio di Sarto -