A feast, for the winter of 816

To the people of Oak Harbor, the Floodwater Company, the Hania, and to all other nearby travelers,

The crew of the good ship Wanderlust of the great Roving Lazurian Trade Fleet and its captain, Rose Arvia, would like to invite you all to gather aboard our fine vessel at the 4th hour on the 58th day of Void.

It has come to our notice that shipping to your area has been in reduced supply, given the amount of time and effort lost as you try to sail circles around one another. We hope you have been adequately provisioned during the winter months. Regardless, it is our tradition to gather and celebrate one last time on distant shores before we return to our home ports for the Vigor planting season. We hope that you will join us for an evening of food, song, camaraderie, and new opportunity. The captain may bestow favors upon those who bring the best food or song.

For those interested in purchasing goods from the far reaches of Evren, we will be holding an auction. Bids will be taken silently for a time, and then aloud to decide any close contests.

We look forward to meeting you,
-The Wanderlust

The crew of the Wanderlust would like to inform everyone that no brawling will be tolerated on the ship. We enjoy keeping our hull sound and watertight. However, a space will be cleared for good natured contests of arms.