A Letter of Good Will

To our neighbors in Oak Harbor,

We seek to develop closer relations and friendships with the other people of Marsega. As you know, our family’s capital of Aethis is still overrun by nightmares. Due to this, and other concerning news throughout the northern continents, Patron Orfeo is relocating the seat of the Romanza to Juldan.

I regret not delivering this message in person. However, recent events necessitate caution. Our sources tell us about much trouble among our cousins in the Sarto and the Ternacenti.

We are still waiting to hear from the Velliar to confirm, but reports indicate that necromancers have taken over enough of Salendale to control all University gates on the continent of Ohtyran. We believe they are acting under orders and being supplied with bones by the Sarto leadership in Monia, given the increased reports of missing persons in Sarto administrated city states over the past several years.

News out of Kresa is muddled, but similarly dire. Patron Christoforo and Sei Horatio are believed to have fled the city. The members of the local Kalmak Elders Council are attempting to maintain order, as is Meina Aldenberg, but the two factions appear to be at odds, and rumors of voidmancy are flying.

We wish to root out the corruption among our Felicitoro cousins and save those we can from corrupt influences.

Between these disturbances, the brewing tension between the Lothlan leaders, and the recent unpleasantness in Zantia, many among the Dalers, Kalmak, and Fandalee are looking to flee Lazuria to Marsega. We have arranged transport for many of them out of Norok. We are interested in discussing a mutual defense strategy between our ships and WFTC ships out of Kirkale.

My representatives should arrive in Oak Harbor within the coming month. We look forward to discussing our mutual interests.

Sei Ayame Riku di Romanza

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