A new Scoundrel in town

Lark Bellum stumbles off his battle worn boat and into town accompanied by a small rag tag group of mostly annoyed ‘crew’.

upon seeing an older human gentleman

“Ah! Well met friend. Can you tell me where our lodgings will be?”

the older gentleman scratches his head
“Ehh who are you?”

Lark’s mouth hangs open for a moment in disbelief

“Good man, I’m CAPTAIN Lark Bellum. Guild master of the Oceans Pride. The greatest thieves guild in the land!”

the old man pauses and considerers
“Nope, never heard of you.”

Lark turns and raises a threatening fist to his snickering crew before turning back to the old man

“Well, no matter. Soon all the land will hear tales of our daring heists and heroic adventures. Righting the wrongs and injustices committed by the greedy and corrupt!”

the old man ponders the pirates words
“Well, make sure you stretch. And take water breaks.”

he begins to waddle off

Lark turns back to his tired and grumpy crew
“Guess we camp outside tonight…”

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