A Note on BGS

First, they’re due in ~2 weeks! (Monday the 10th at 6:00 a.m.) Register and get them in, so we can get to work on them!

Second, as things in the rest of Evren become more exciting, we wanted to take a minute to remind you that BGS are used in Oak Harbor unless you do something in game to use them elsewhere. For some skills (Dream, Speak with Dead) that rarely matters. For some (Subterfuge, Tracking) it is close to disqualifying if you try to do things in the rest of Evren. For some (Network, Agents) it is harder but not impossible to get results related to elsewhere in Evren starting in Oak Harbor (e.g., Network can get you what people in Oak Harbor are saying about Lenmiri, which probably isn’t as accurate as what the people in Lenmiri are saying; sending Agents elsewhere can be done, but they will use up some of their mojo on traveling rather than on doing what you want when they get there).

Please keep this in mind in writing your BGS and setting your expectations for what your results might be, so we don’t disappoint you. If you want to do things elsewhere, and are not taking a lesson, you can always use your Focus to go elsewhere in Evren between events. There are also skills that can allow you to do so or ways to arrange travel in game.