A note on the board

Greetings Citizens of Oak Harbor

I wanted to congratulate our finalists on their wonderful submissions for our town’s heraldry.

Leopold Aldenberg, Docent with Merit of the Imperfect Arts

Guildmaster Kael Torren

Dame Elenora Felicity Bellwether

We will be putting up the different designs on display along with the information you submitted this Elmsday. We will be holding the vote during lunch the following day, so if you wish to make any further speeches, you may do so at that time.

For all other residents, we look forward to completing this next great step in your town’s story with you. As a gift from us to you, we’ve arranged for a booth at the upcoming cheese arcade where you may create a miniature flag of your own, to show your support for the town, and carry with you into battle in Salendale.

Ridley Castagnier
Senior Partner of the White Forest Trading Company