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Hi there,
I am trying to decide if i should go more scout skills or more herbalists, is there a place i could find were both routes go, i know there is stuff like poisonmaster and woods person and there is some information in the rulebook book but im need a little more clarification. Any help is very appreciated

I’m not an expert in either, but thought I’d mention that there is a witchwood discord where you could chat with other players about it. I think this link should work for the next week or so: Witchwood Roleplaying

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Thank u

So character advancement is something that usually is taught in game, which is to say printed versions are hard to come by. if you have any questions about scout or herbalism please feel free to hit me up on the discord or here of anywhere. Ive got more info on herbalism than anything else but im always happy to share anything i know

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