A Question About Submitting Lessons

Hello, this is Smoke/Alex. I just had a clarifying question about Lessons. I know I did three lessons learning how to do Flaming Weapon, but do I have to announce that anywhere on my character sheet/ let someone know? Please let me know, I wanna make sure I do this right!


Go to the main page.
Click the “After Events” link on the right.
Click “Submit BGS” and create one called “Lesson: Flaming Weapon”
Then add text talking a bit about what you are learning (Flaming Weapon) and what the lesson was.

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I tried to do that yesterday and it told me I wasn’t eligible :confused: I know BGS closed this morning so I guess I’ll just have to wait till next time. Thank you for getting back to me BTW!

Have you registered for Fall 2 already? BGS apply to the next event rather than the event you did your Lessons at (weirdly enough), so you need to already be registered to submit BGS. Staff might grant an extension if you ask!

Unfortunately me and my group can not make Fall 2 do to a wedding we are all in! But that is super helpful! I didn’t realize that once registered you can do the lesson for the up and coming event!! Thank you very much! I’ll let my whole group know, that way we are ready to go next time!! Thank you again! :smiley:


No problem! And that means, whenever your next event is, you can submit the Lesson then. Enjoy the wedding!

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