"Aged" Paper,

Hi everyone, hope you’re all psyched for Spring 2. I was wondering if anyone has a have a favorite supply/kind of good “aged” looking paper suitable for in-game parchment, especially printer-friendly? Nephros wants to write up some “so you want to be a Wizard” notes for the new guild, but Nat’s handwriting is abysmal. So I’d like to print it out. Favorite fantasy fonts advice is would also be great.

I like this stuff, in “ivory”: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00006IE2D/

Obviously, you might want a smaller amount. Or different colors, or brands.

I tend to use the gold or copper of that brand that ken shared.

I have a printer that uses toner, which adheres to paper differently than standard printer ink. It’s a small business printer, like what Staples would use to print things you send them. I like it because I can distress my paper after printing using liquids without having the ink run.

From my staffing days, I’ve found that a laser printer on that paper is awesome. I prefer the ivory-colored for direct printing and the gold or copper for handwritten.

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