Announcement About the Militia

I think I’ve already let some of you who handle making town council decisions know about this, but for the rest of you - I’m retiring as militia captain, effective as of the town council meeting during the first gathering in the Spring. Stuff keeps coming up meaning I have to miss gatherings - like how I meant to announce this in person at Feast, only I’m busy and won’t be able to show up - and frankly I’m getting less and less excited about dealing with the sitting-through-meetings side of things.

I’m looking forward to a quiet retirement, and…hah! Couldn’t even come up with a good way to end that sentence. I’m planning to stay in the militia, just don’t think it makes sense for me to be in charge of it any more. Best of luck to my replacement, and just so they know, some idiot gave Tess the box with militia funds and potions in it, and you should probably either get it back or have someone else keep an eye on it.

  • Signe Rask, Vigorforged, the True Witch-licker
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