Announcing the grand opening of the Six Realm Spa

Dear Residents of Oak Harbor,

It is my pleasure to announce the grand opening of the Six Realm Spa. Due to your hard work earlier this year we were able to begin preparations to build something great. Now that they have been completed, I wish to invite you to be among the first guests to experience our baths.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me, and I look forward to taking these next steps together.

Ridley Castagnier


((Starting Mechanic:
Hot Spring Bath: You take a relaxing and refreshing dip in the hot spring. Spend ten minutes out of combat resting and not using any skills. The benefit you gain depends on the level of quintessence currently invested in your character.
For characters with less than 100cp spent, refresh 10cp worth of skills
For characters with less than 150cp spent, refresh 5cp worth of skills
For characters with 150 or greater spent, refresh 3cp worth of skills

You may only take this benefit once per event.

Availability: The spa is currently open from 12pm to 4pm on Willowsday

Cost: The spa costs twenty leaf, there will be an OOG coin jar and a guest book placed in the tavern that will symbolize your interaction with the spa.

Clarify: We are still workshopping the mechanics, and will be listening to player feedback and engagement with this.

Note: If you are busy with childcare during this time, and can’t make it, speak to staff and we’ll work it out. ))