April 2021 Hangout Info

Hi everybody!

More and more of our community members are getting vaccinated, which is exciting!

But while we’re still not able to run safely in person (yet) let’s hang out this Saturday during what would have been our Spring 1 event, starting at 6pm and going until we get sleepy (10ish?)

The hangout will be on discord (server here: https://discord.gg/rVygSNu).

People can hang out in whatever channels they like, but we’re planning to run some games out of the “Games1” channel. (We’ll make more channels if we need to for simultaneous games.)

People are also encouraged to use the “character-help-oog” channel to welcome our new and prospective players and help them figure out what they might want to do in-game.

Very rough schedule:

6:00 pm - Generically saying hi and having people drift in

6:30 - skribbl.io - Online pictionary with WW words

7:00 - Among Us - Is this some weird dream scenario created by the Reverie/Vigor conflict? Who knows, but someone’s a traitor!

7:30 - Jackbox Games Tee K.O. from Party Pack 3, WW themed

8:00 - More of whatever people feel like

Hope to see you there!

If you have suggestions for pictionary clues, send them to witchwoodplotwriters@googlegroups.com. Please don’t submit clues if you expect to play. But definitely send them if you just want to be in the audience.

Reminder, this is tomorrow!

Thanks to everyone who came, and to Vicky for doing much of the game organizing!
It was good to see your faces / see your cats / hear your voices.

Please enjoy these t-shirts generated by us during the jackbox games.





Just wanted to say I had one great time seeing all of my friends that I haven’t seen in like 13 yeara. It was just so awesome seeing everyone and I can’t wait to see you all when we can get back together! You are all just the best