Arriving at the game

Hey guys,

I know I am always a little lost the first time at a game, so here are some useful tips I’ve picked up over time:

  • The nearest (I think) food to the camp site is here (22 Ashby State Rd, Fitchburg, MA 01420). Its a plaza with a chinese place and an italian joint. Its a reasonable place to get dinner if you have the time before game start
  • On page 12 of the rules is a map of the site. At the very bottom shows that parking is behind a barn on the other side of the river that runs through the campsite. It is generally easier to temporarily park on the cabin side of the river and unload, then park the car.
  • Depending on weather and camp conditions, it may be possible to drive your car to the cabins and unload there. You should check with staff about path conditions.
  • If you have the time and inclination, check with staff to see if you can help set up. There is generally bonus CP involved, and it gets us to game faster :). It also seems only fair to warn you that there is a superstition about a person who sets up death is a person who goes and visits it during game.

Disclaimer: I am a player and this post does not reflect the opinion of staff. If I’ve said something incorrect, hopefully a staffer finds time to fix it.

Hey, I totally didn’t die the last time I set up Death! I just … got a BGS result that made me retire the character for two events… Hmm.

What time is it acceptable for people to arrive on site? Is it at six p.m. (i.e. check in)?

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Some staff will be around as early as 3. It’s fine to show up anytime after that.

I’ve set up death and I haven’t died yet! #contractofevren #youonlylivetwice :smiley:


Thank you!