Art Gallery Exhibitors Sought!

Are you a painter? A sculptor? Dabble in inks? Elegant combinations of strange elements?
Do you ever wish you had a place to show your art to all of Oak Harbor and art collectors from Marsega and beyond?
This! is! your! opportunity!
Wanda Sami, Art Dealer, will be holding an Art Gallery and Auction and she is asking YOU to Exhibit Your Art!
With the gracious collaboration of Odie, we will be able to offer you the opportunity for your work to be displayed and even sold if it catches the eye of an art collector! Perhaps even their patronage!
Collectors are especially seeking art that shows the mystique and dangers of the Witchwood that all of you live and breathe, but you never know what will catch their fancy!

You may also choose to simply exhibit your art and must clearly mark it as such.
Your art will be collected Elmsday evening or Willowsday morning.

in smaller letters at the bottom of the notice Please note that there will be a gallery fee taken out of the sale price of your pieces in order to cover the cost of space, security, preparation of the art etc. If your piece does not sell, you owe nothing.

(OOC notes: The intent is that PCs also be able to participate in the auction and buy art, thus if you want your piece in the auction part of the gallery, it might not come back to you.
Guidelines on Art

  • If it breaks RFR or WW rules, it isn’t acceptable for this gallery

  • Sized such that it can fit in a mod hall and be moved easily by NPCs

  • Made of materials that can survive a night in a mod hall

  • Art must be made by the player who submitted it

All art that does not sell will be your responsibility to pick up from the mod hall. What is not picked up at the mod hall, I will place in the tavern to be picked up there.)


Pieces in the exhibition will have a short form with basic information for the artist to fill out. If you would like to fill it out in advance of the gather, you can find the form here.

Hello! If you are making or planning to make art for the Art Auction and Gallery happening at Spring 2, let me know so I can have a sense of how much art I should be making. (and if you don’t tell me but want to make art go ahead! this is just for a general feel of “are we getting a flood of art or a trickle”)