Art That Stands the Test of Time- Art Salon Fall 2

Oak Harbor Artists and Art Critics,

All are invited to participate in the Art Salon in one of the Eagles Cabins at 2 in the afternoon on Willowsday. In light of the Reverish ritual moving the trees to their locations 10 years back in time, the Salon will focus on themes of Reverie and looking back in time from the current day.

Please bring works to discuss and consider as well as art supplies to work on-site. There will be a prompt and a still life as inspiration as well as some basic art supplies. As you consider works to bring with you, think about the power of suggestion and imagination in Reverie or perhaps the contrast between a subject now and at some point in the past.

As a reminder, the competition for the first and focal piece of art for my museum will be decided this gather. I will select one spectacular piece of art to place in the entry of the Museum. The winner would be paid for their art. The artist who made the piece will receive a scholarship of 50L to support continued work and study. Please bring your entries to the salon or have another person bring them for you if you cannot attend.

I am also actively seeking work representing the Witchwood and Oak Harbor for a focused Witchwood Gallery in the museum.

Yours in pursuit of delight,

Sei Ayame Riku di Romanza

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