Be very careful driving up the hill!

Camp Middlesex has gotten tired of pulling our stuck cars out of the mud (they’ve had to do it every other event or so). They’ve told us that next time, we’re going to have to call in AAA.

BE VERY CAREFUL driving up the hills this time. DO NOT drive up the left path (if you’re facing the campsite from the main road), because the left side is the place where people get stuck. ONLY drive up the hill on the right side if you have a car that can handle it!

I’ll put up a sign to help people remember. See you at the event!

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I happen to have a AAA membership…but if I have to spend a lot of time standing next to your car waiting for a tow truck, I WILL spend the whole time making fun of your bad decision making process.

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This seems completely legit, to me. I also have an AAA membership, but fuck if I know where my card is.

If anyone gets stuck D will be on site to remind you of your bad decision. Then D will for get and remind you again and again. It will be a fun time😜

Lets say a new player is driving to this location in a car that would probably be meh in off-roading situations - Are there options for car management that do not involve driving on these hills?

You can always park at the bottom and walk your stuff up to the cabin area. Some folks with more off-road vehicles will sometimes shuttle folks if they ask.

Also with the north road being the more swampy one folks going up and down the south side need to really pay attention to incoming traffic.

I second everything that Christian just said. :slight_smile: