Boston LARP Slack Chat

Not to proliferate across too many communication platforms, but…

General reminder that this is a thing that exists, for people who live on the internet. There’s even a #witchwood specific channel. And an #unwitchwood one, for whimsical reasons.

(For the uninitiated: Slack is a chat platform with a nice web interface and apps for all the major mobile and desktop operating systems.)

If you would like an invite, you can contact me (@eben) or @baniszew or @Laura47.

See you on Slack!

For those who have never used slack, can you explain how to join this channel/team?

Alas, due to the nature of Slack, joining is done through an email-based invitation process – you can’t just hop on, you have to be invited. But it’s absolutely open to all LARPers in the Boston (and greater New England) area. Which is why so many of us (see the short list above) have been given invite privileges.

@Ralkurian I sent you an invite just now, by the way. Check your email inbox.

Once you’ve accepted the invitation and signed in to Slack, just click on “Channels” in the web interface to browse the existing channels (like #witchwood, #unwitchwood and many more.)

I’ve put a helpful green circle around where you need to click in the screenshot below:

Thanks for the info. I’m in! It’s pretty straight forward once you have the invite.:grinning:

Nice! If you enjoy Slack, don’t forget to check out their apps.

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I’m using the app now. Pretty polished.