Business License?

The Hounds at Dawn is looking to purchase a business license in order to become an official Mercenary company. I’ve been told that the cost is only a one-time fee of 5 Leaf per business. Wanted to make sure I was understanding that correctly.

Additionally, we’re looking to be taking on jobs as soon as possible, so if you hear of anything (or wish to hire us) please let us know!

“Any individual engaging in the selling of goods or services, must purchase a BUSINESS LICENSE. This shall cost 5 leaf per gathering, payable to the WFTC via the Constable”

I’d point you to the Constable next event to get better details (currently Thales)

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Thank you!

Caius is correct, Thales (the current constable) should be paid the fee, and you will receive a receipt.

Additionally, I am not sure if you’ve met a man named Federigo di Ternacenti, but he has begun a business of auctioning contracts. I suspect this will be of interest to you and your fellows.

Happy hunting!
-Florica Aldenberg di Ternacenti

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