Call for Saturday Meal Captains

Hello all,

This is a bit last-minute, but Ashleigh has fallen sick and won’t be able to captain meals as they usually do. We’re hoping that one or two people will be able to step up and do part of the job they usually do to make sure everybody gets fed this weekend.

I’ve added meal captain listings to Lunch and Dinner/Dessert on this spreadsheet (George has already heroically volunteered to handle both breakfasts) and Ashleigh has provided a description of the job.

Responsibilities of a Meal Captain (any meal):

  • Meet with Ashleigh on Friday to go through the menu items for your meal
  • Have knowledge of recipe(s) and/or components as applicable for the meal (provided by Ashleigh)
  • Know where ingredients for your meal are located/ know which ingredients go with your meal
  • Give instructions to other people on a meal prep team in order to prepare the components/ recipes for your given meal
  • Keep track of time so that you get to the kitchen in time to prepare the meal for the expected time
  • Monitoring to ensure there is no cross contamination of the allergy friendly items (esp. Gluten and dairy)
  • Consult with Ashleigh to clarify if unsure about steps/ingredients/expectations for any meal items or components

Thank you so much to anyone who volunteers (and please check the spreadsheet even if you’re not up to captaining, as there are still a few other positions left unfilled)


I have experience cooking, I can captain saturday lunch and dinner

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Awesome! Thank you!

As you pointed out on slack though, this does leave meal prep for both meals critically shorthanded, so if anyone can step up to do prep for either or both meals it would be greatly appreciated!

I intend to help with prep in the kitchen. It will be somewhat sporadic and as I can though.

I have both commercial and a lot of personal experience cooking and knife skills.

Happy to help.