Call for University Scrolls

Hey everyone!

I know I’ve talked to several of you about writing scrolls for the University on basic topics that new PCs would be interested to read, and this is your reminder!

We can take all sorts of things. For your own created works, we’ll pay up to 5 leaf (based on how much information is on the page; no playing with margins like you did in school, here!). For just copying/pasting bgs scrolls, you can get 1 leaf per hour of bgs, up to 4 leaf per page.

As you can see, we’re just hungry for scrolls in general. Please bring them! I can’t tell you the number of times a new players has come in, mostly to just see the University, and then they want to contribute, so they say, “um… do you have any scrolls on… um… druids?” (or whatever their header is) And I want to say yes. Please help me say yes.

Existing scroll list is here (multiple tabs): WW: Velliar Scroll Inventory - Google Sheets


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