Camp Lincoln Site Logistics

Good evening everyone,

So! This may come as a surprise, but Fall 2 will be taking place at Camp Lincoln in NH. The address is YMCA Camp Lincoln, 67 Ball Rd, Kingston, NH 03848. For a sense of the size of the camp, you can walk from furthest cabin to the Dining hall w/in 5-10 minutes. Unless you are going to Mermaid Cove or further, nothing is more than 10 min apart. The most serious inclines are the pavillion down to the beach, the level of the eagles cabins down to the drama stage/arts crafts and a path from Upper green to the path near Hobbs Field. Overall, the site is not flat, but inclines are minimal. Paths are not paved and the primary lights at night will be outside the cabins, tavern and staff center.

Arriving on Site

The earliest we are allowed on site in 4:30pm. Please do not arrive earlier than this, the site has another group that is leaving that day. On Sunday, we will need help getting everything cleaned up and loaded as quickly as possible since a Uhaul needs to get all our totes back to Middlesex. Please stay if you can.

The closest cars can get to the Voyagers and Middlers cabins is to pull up close in the big entry circle and the road right near it. If anyone has a handcart they are willing to lend to people, that would be lovely both for moving bins and people’s things. Please try to move your car from this area as soon as you can so that the next round of people can get their cars as close as possible to the cabins.

Parking is Staff Parking or D on the map above.

The cabins are numbered on the map above, as well as on the buildings themselves. The paths to the cabins have several options, some with pretty minimal incline.

Accessibility/relative flatness
Site has large portions of flat space, generally moving between sections of camp involves some level of incline and/or steps. A wheelchair or walker would have a pretty hard time, need to mostly stay in the pavilion/eagles/tavern corridor. If you can do some incline and/or some steps, most of the camp is accessible. With the exception of Pavillion to Beachfront or getting down to the bottom or amphitheater, there aren’t many steps in a row.

In-Game Locations

  • The Dining Hall, A on the map, will be the tavern. The tavern has space to eat inside. Outside are multiple picnic benches with shelter above them that seems likely to keep you dry. We will also set up 1-2 pop ups nearby in case the shelter above them is not actually up to serious weather. Note that the kitchen does not have a dishwasher. I shall take this moment for an obligatory and important plug of volunteering for kitchen shifts.
  • The lodge, B on the map will be Staff Center. There are also bathrooms accessed from the Pavillion in the lodge that will be available for player use. We are figuring out exactly where Death will be and it will be announced in game on meeting.
  • Pavillion - We are hoping to keep this as a player space, but depending on weather, some mods will have to happen here. If we use it as a mod space, a sign will be clearly placed in a few places when it is in use. There are a lot of picnic tables here and we will be able to let the sides down as a compromise between being completely subject to the weather and inside.
  • Eagles Cabins- The University (#17), Wizards Guild (#15), Alchemy Guild (#16) should make for a nice little downtown! #13 and #14 are player cabins. #11, #12, & #18 are mod halls. The cabins are small with a built in bench all around and wooden rafters. They have 1-2 small steps to get into them. There are no beds or other furniture in these cabins. If you set a guild/university building, bring your own furniture or plan to try to purloin minimal moveable furniture. There is a bathroom near these cabins, the closest one to the Tavern.
  • Voyagers Cabins - Player cabins where most of you will be staying. There are some picnic benches, a flag pole and a bathroom. Cabins sleep 10 and have 5 wooden bunk beds with mattresses. The camp AD recommended bringing a mat to put on top of them because they are older but rarely used. There are several electric outlets and an overhead light. There are windows with covers that the camp will have put down for us. There are several large steps up to most of the cabins. The doors seem like some seal very well and some are so so.
  • Middlers Cabins - #6 is Childcare and generally please be cautious before starting a fight in the Middler’s center area in case of children. #10 is a Mod Hall. The rest are staff or player cabins. Identical to Voyagers except that the bathroom contains the cursed spider cabinets they call showers here.
  • Fortbuilding - This will be the camping site
  • Waterfront/Boating - We should not touch the boats and the equipment stored in the shed, but we are allowed on the docks as long as we do not go swimming.
  • Slides! - There are a pair of slides between the pavillion and eagles cabins to get down to the level of the beachfront. We are allowed to use them. Children must use them supervised. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do please.
  • Mermaid’s Cove- A little (like 15’) bit of sand and rock leading onto the lake accessible via about 5 min of walking from Hammock Village. A path from the Cove leads to the point.
  • The Point -Accessed via a path from Mermaid’s cove, the path is narrow and rough but doable, you will want light in the dark. The point is flat, has a 3 stone benches and goes out into the water a bit.
  • Ropes/Challenge Courses - These are offlimits to us since they need a trained person there to use. We can and will be using the Berma Bridge however.

The map shows the buildings we cannot use scratched out.

My friends, this camp is used to functioning as a day camp. These cabins are primarily used as landing places for kids stuff, not places to sleep. They cater in food rather than make it on site during the summer. Thus, the kitchen is not an industrial kitchen on the scale of what we are used to at Middlesex. There are two showers on site, located at the Middlers bathroom. Horrifying closets of spiders a bit wider than me. ahem. I mean, if you desperately wish to shower, the site can accomodate that. But bring your baby wipes and deodorant because that will be more fun than those showers. As it is a day camp that has been around for a century, it’s electricity may not be the most reliable. The camp will reset breakers for us, but be judicious with how much you run in the cabin. We have permission to use electric space heaters, but previous larpers tell us that it is easy to trip these breakers. Run one to keep your cabin safely warm, don’t run two in case it turns off the power for everyone at 2am. The wifi is centered on the camp office and reaches down to the beach and to about half the eagles cabins.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them below. We will do our best to answer them.

See you all so soon!
To Cheese!

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RE: Breakers

Are we authorized to manage these ourselves or do we have to include the camp caretakers? The wording wasn’t clear to me on that.

If we are allowed, do we have guidance already on where they are?

I’m happy to be on breaker duty if it becomes necessary (and we’re allowed), but let’s hope we don’t need to :slight_smile:

The camp point person will handle the breakers for us. It seems like he will be actively on site the whole time, so hopefully not the worst to get ahold of.

The camp wifi password is Wif14camp1926.

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