Camp Lincoln Water Situation

Hello everyone.

We were informed by the camp early this afternoon that the water to parts of the camp needed to be shut off this week due to the cold temperatures and will not be able to be turned back on for the weekend. We have discussed this as staff and determined that we will still be running the event under these circumstances but that there will be some additional complications that I will describe below.

To make sure that it is very clear, we have been told the following: “The water and restrooms are all still functional and available in the lodge and pavilion but the restrooms in the units near the cabins have been turned off.” What this means functionally is that the bathrooms that are near what we will be using as the staff center are functional but the bathrooms near the cabins are not and that dining hall/kitchen do not have water. We have been assured that the water that is available is all drinkable.

The situation impacts the event in three key areas: bathroom/shower usage, drinking water, and meal prep/serving.

The bathroom situation means that people will need to walk a longer distance from their cabins to get to a bathroom. This is unfortunate but there is not much we can do about it. I do not believe the showers will be functional either. We believe the cabins are ~50-100 yards from the available bathrooms. Given there are still functional bathrooms on site, we consider this to be annoying but workable…

For drinking water: there will be water dispensers that we can fill onsite along with jerrycans that we can fill. We will need people to help with refilling these from the available water sources throughout the weekend. We will be bringing some drinking cups and markers. Please mark your cups and reuse them so that we do not run out. We will have some bottled water available. If you take one, please mark and reuse it as well. As with the bathroom situation, we consider this to be annoying but workable.

As for meals, Ashleigh believes that as long as people are willing to help bring water to the kitchen, the meals can go forward with minimal modification. That said, the dishwashing and sanitization situations will need to be modified slightly given we will not be able to clean things with soapy water. For eating, we will be using disposable cups, plates, bowls, and utensils but some of the serving and cooking equipment will still need to be cleaned. For this purpose, a three basin system will be utilized whereby the things being cleaned will be rinsed in water, cleaned with soapy water, rinsed again, cleaned with a diluted bleach solution, and then dried. For sanitization, Ashleigh will be obtaining hand sanitizer for the people, and disinfecting wipes for the surfaces.As with the other two points, we consider this to be annoying but workable.

Thank you all in advance for being flexible and for your help in moving the water around. If you feel you cannot attend the full event given the circumstances or that you are not comfortable with eating given these modified protocols, please email to speak with us.

We look forward to seeing you all at the event.