Centralizing Research

(a note appears on the bulletin board)

In an attempt to centralize some of the research we have on several current topics, please reach out to me if you have any research in any of the following fields:

  • the MAW
  • leylines
  • disturbances in the pattern

I’ll compile what we know for each and create a comprehensive document, which I will then share with everyone.

Also, if there’s any other topic you’d like me to work to consolidate research, please let me know, and I can add it to this list.

Leopold Aldenberg
Docent, Velliar University


I know they weren’t spotted this gather, but information on the Mist Wolf/Goat Monster would be appreciated.

I’ve already compiled some information about them. I can include that on this list.

  • Leopold

Basil provided me with a reading list on Leylines, all transcribed by one Kaze:

‘On the movement of Leylines’ Lecturer Marcus Bibulus, Master Imperfect

‘Utilizing Leyline Energy in Arcane Magic; an Introduction’ Lecturer Grania Cullen

Further works by Tenar Rivan Wembly (Accolades) Master Imperfect

I was intending to write to the velliar to obtain copies, but if you have them available that would be quite convenient.

-Dame Eleanora

Here is the Pattern Ritual

Items Required and Status
Box made of wood from a witchwood tree lined with lead and gold forged over heartwood smoke and bond to Evern by the GateKeeper (GK) of Evern. We have this item completed but to make the Everish binding permanent we need to find the GK of Evern’s dream token. Sword of silver and sate with a hydra egg pomel bound to vigor and umbra by GKs. We are looking for the hydra egg now and have someone who can make the sword. Oaken wand tied to Firmament by GK of Firmament. Leshivik making the wand and we are planning a musical performance for the GK of Firmament to get her to tie the want to Firmament. Empty Dreamstone tied to an area of Reverie protected by the GK of Reverie. Empty Story stone. Black witchwood leaf. No idea how to get a Witchwood leaf.

Bind sacrifice to the world tree (we believe this to be the Witchwood tree). The Stitcher must stab the sacrifice through the chest with the Sticher’s needle into the shard of the world tree that exists in this realm. The GK of Void must then open a gate to the shard of the world tree that exists in Void. The sacrifice should then be slain using the sword of silver, salt and hydra egg. The witchwood leaf should be soaked in their life blood. The oaken wand should be used to tether the sacrifice to the dream stone, story stone and witchwood leaf. The mind and memory of the sacrificed will be pulled into the stones through this process. The tethering process requires symbolic links to be traced between the objects using the wand and then reinforced with blood from those still living, one vial’s worth per object. After the links have been placed, they must be protected for 5 minutes. If they are disturbed, the links must be remade. Once the 5 minutes have passed, the stones and leaf are then empowered. Plant the leaf in Void and place the stones within the box and seal it. At the point the ritual is complete. If the box is ever opened, the enchantment holding things together will burst. The one who opened the box will be obliterated. The enchantment will begin to break down at an accelerated rate. After the ritual, the body should be disposed of in Void and the needle can be retrieved.

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The sword has been made and is off to the relevant GKs for blessing. I saw people had blueprints for dream and story stones. If those individuals could reach out to me, I can spend some time seeing how difficult the stones are to make.

Beyond the stones is there anything else that you’d like us to try and move forward on in a more immediate manner? Like if there is something you’d like me to keep an eye out for.