Childcare And You

I wanted to write a special plea this time for people to considering signing up for a childcare shift.

It is very hard for staff and the toddlers and the players schedules to all align perfectly. That means that, unless we have a decent number of people volunteering to help, there’s a pretty good chance that one of the parents will just…not get to play. And that feels bad.

There’s this sad thing where, if it continues to be frustrating, it becomes better for one of us to just stay home. I desperately don’t want this to happen. I want Adrian to get to play. I want to play. I want Jenna and Sarah to tell amazing stories.

So I’d really love to ask - if you can, please consider an hour of childcare. I can’t offer you CP, because I’m not staff, and they won’t give you leaf, but I will. I will give you leaf out of my own pocket if it means that I can continue to play this game.

Two of the three children are toddlers. They like to play, and they are relatively easy to entertain. And you don’t have to do this alone! You can sign up with your friends as a group! Leander and Tobin are sweethearts and would love to hang out with you and play, which means we can leave the parents and family members to take care of Lyra, who is still pretty young. And she will get older soon!

Please. A few more people taking an hour would be such a huge difference in terms of our continued involvement. A bunch more people could be heaven.

I will impoverish Leopold to do this. I will turn all of his efforts in game to making you wealthy. Just please. Let me and Adrian continue to play. Am I begging? Yes. I’m begging.

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I’m down to take a shift.

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I am also down to take a second shift as well!

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Yeah, who do I send info to for the CORI?

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Melissa/Zevvi is coordinating CORI checks these days.

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Brian and Adrian’s kid is very sweet and you can spend an hour together eating snacks and blowing bubbles!

The childcare mod does not involve voidmancy or skeletons!

Highly recommended.

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