Childcare Program- Fall 2023

Good evening,

As you may be aware, WW has a volunteer childcare program that helps make the game accessible for parents. Anyone who wishes to help can do so! Non-parent volunteers are generally scheduled for about 2 hours of volunteer time per weekend, and always alongside one of the parents who are participating. The childcare schedule does its best to avoid conflicts with plots targeted at specific volunteers.

If you are interested in helping with childcare during the WW Fall Season please contact Adrian at <> with the following information:

  • Date of Birth Adrian will need to run a CORI check for you to participate in the program. It takes at least a week for the CORI to come back, so if you know you would like to volunteer, let her know ASAP.
  • Which events are you volunteering for this season?
  • Would you like to be put on the childcare list for every event you attend? You would, of course, always be able to say not this event or wait no! I have decided I hate children. I am simply trying to take some of the load off of Adrian starting from zero each season.
  • Are you interested in being scheduled for more than 2 hours of volunteer time? No is a fine answer! It is just good to know what wiggle room the schedule has.

You can find more information about our childcare program here and we are always happy to answer questions! Sincerely, this program makes it possible for players and staffers with kids to be able to come to game. It means we don’t drop out of the hobby for their childhoods or have to choose one parent who gets to keep playing/staffing.

Similarly, if you are interested in bringing your child, please reach out to Adrian and confirm that you are doing so. I need the numbers before the event so that I can plan appropriately.

Yours in tiredness,
Bearer of Cheese, Mistress of Cackles

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