Clarification Regarding advanced Soldier and Swashbuckler paths and psychlims

After speaking with some members of the community we want to clarify a point of confusion regarding these advanced paths.

These advanced paths are designed for fitting into specific combat roles, however, using them that way is not a strict requirement. These paths do not impose any sort of psychological limitation on your character. They are a roleplaying suggestion, but only to the same “suggested rp flavor” extent as earth mages being patient or Felicitoro being fancy. You would not be forced to roleplay in a specific way. While you are welcome to lean into these roles, as always, roleplaying suggestions are never an excuse to be a dick to another player. The skills are simply grouped into specific archetypes about how you would like to interact with combat.

Being True in Soldier gets you 1 advanced soldier path. Becoming a paragon soldier would let you access all three.
The same goes for swashbuckler.

While this clarification is out of game for ease of understanding, there will be npcs out this next gather who will make that same clarification for your characters in-game.

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