Clarification: Slay Ignores Armor

I was wondering if I could get a disambiguation on the language of slay?

Current wording:

  • Slay: If your torso is hit, drop to 0 Vitality (ignoring armor) and fall unconscious.

Does this mean that slay hits regardless of your armor, wiping out all forms of attrition? Or that slay eliminates all of your vitality points, but ignores costume armor and does not reduce it?

It drops your vitality to 0 and knocks you unconscious. It does not damage your armor (magical or physical).

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Yep, Roderago is right, Slay and armor (all types) pass each other in the night, unaffected. Armor doesn’t stop Slay, Slay doesn’t hurt armor.

The Retreat skill changes that, of course. It converts a Slay into straight-up 10 damage, which can be taken on armor (of any type) and vitality.

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Thanks gents. It’ll save me some armor repairs next month. :wink: