Coordination of Intention Shard Use

Coordination of Intention Shard Use

Citizens of Oak Harbor,

We have each become capable of utilizing something that has been called an “Intention Shard.” I know little about the properties by which these operate, but I do understand that they are capable of manifesting, to some degree, things we direct them to. I expect many of you have personal plans and ideas for the use of your Shard. However, the shards are more powerful when combined together. I’ve compiled a list of topics that some in town are planning to use their Intention Shards toward. Please reach out to the named persons if you are interested in helping with one of the following:

Aid for Salendale: Salendale is currently in a dire situation. There are a number of smaller possible operations within this one that may be of help to the people there and to the Velliar University.

Coordinated by Florica Petulengro Tu’Aren Aldenberg di Ternacenti

Golden Acorn: A dangerous cult that has been acting within Evren to attempt various feats, usually by harming lyra.

Coordinated by Omoira

Rescue for Scott: A local, Scott, has been taken.

Rescue coordinated by Öykü

Aid for Basil: Basil is having difficulties with her memories, her friends are attempting to help her. Coordinated by Roderago Aldenberg

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May I also add that I am coordinating Shards of Intention for research into the time before the Oracle Barrier?

I have a rock with some pre-cataclysm script I’ve been working on. This is primarily academic, however if it leads to more knowledge about why/how things happened back then, we can use that information to strengthen the pattern against a repetion or other damage perhaps.


Also being coordinated by Omoira: We could use 2-3 more Shards to assist the Winter’s Frost kith into regaining their kith status.

Look, I know this isn’t world-ending and a lot of people don’t really understand what it means for a Tattershawl kith to lose their kith standing, but it’s a really big deal. Big enough that they are willing to pay for our assistance. If you can spare a shard, I would greatly appreciate it, you would be doing a kind thing, and you’d get paid.

Additional details shared by request.