COVID-19 and WW

At the moment, Witchwood staff intends to run our spring events as scheduled.
The RFR Board is discussing additional sanitation precautions to reduce possible disease transmission.
We’ll place an update here once more information is finalized.
Stay safe, everyone!


With quarantines increasing throughout the globe, Witchwood staff has concluded that we will be unable to run an in-person event in April this year. In order to continue our stories together and keep the community connected throughout these unusual times, we propose the following:

  • All Between Game Skills for Spring 1 will be answered and results will be view-able to their players via the website. The BGS deadline remains 6:00 a.m. on Monday, March 30.

  • Registration fees for Spring 1 may be refunded, applied to a future event, or donated for 3 Character Points (CP). We’ll provide instructions soon on how to inform us of your choice. Regardless of your choice, you will still receive your Spring BGS as above

  • We plan to hold online RP encounters during the Spring 1 weekend. Staff is discussing options for how that will work. Players who attend virtually will receive attendance CP and have the opportunity to write a PEL for a CP. (This is separate from / in addition to any CP from registration fees mentioned above.)

  • For the moment, we are planning to run Spring 2 in-person as scheduled. Everyone who registered for Spring 1 or who registers for Spring 2 will be given a bonus BGS to describe their Intentions for what visions and memories they want to appear during Spring 2. Additional detail will be added to the Forums. (This special BGS will be due by the regular Spring 1 PEL deadline. Anyone who does not submit an Intention BGS will be given a default bonus TBD instead.) We will make arrangements so that characters who rely heavily on components for their BGS are still able to use their skills for Spring 2.

To all of you who registered for Spring 1, we would appreciate your feedback – is WW Web Weekend something you are interested in doing? And if so, would you be interested in helping us with a playtest before hand?

Thank you for working with us during this situation,

-Beth B.
Witchwood Game Director


Thank you, as always, for the care you take of this game.

I would be interested W4, and I would also be interested in helping to playtest.


I’m super interested in a Web-based event and would also be up for helping playtest. Question- what about lessons? Will that be a part of the RP event?


I would adore a web weekend and am all about helping playtest.

Also, consider my funds donated.


We will do our best to provide lessons during the online RP event.
Players remain allowed & encouraged to provide lessons for each other, including during the alternate event.

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I am also interested in the web weekend. Please contact me about playtesting, though I may not be able to make all appointments due to thesis.

You’re doing a great job :heart:

Reminder, BGS are still due in 3 days!

Check your email! Instructions on how to respond about the event are in there.

I see the google group link, but can’t find the email with instructions you are referring to.

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Staff recognizes that life has been a little crazy lately. If anyone missed the BGS deadline due to COVID madness, drop a note to admin-staff at witchwoodroleplaying.com

I just re-sent it to you. If anyone else is missing it, let me know!

Thank you! (lessons response)

Also jumping in on the “keep my money, please give cp” train for Spring 1.

We will still be doing rumors for Spring 1! send them to rumors@witchwoodroleplaying.com by next Thursday!

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