CP Cap Rollover and 2023 Events

Hi All! A few announcements to make:

  1. The CP cap will be reset next Friday 3/31 at approximately noon. Spend your last points before the season rolls over!
  2. The board has approved us to have an in-game feast this summer. This will be a one day event with a similar length to our more traditional winter events. This will be taking place outside. We do not have dates or locations for this just yet but will update you as soon as we have those.
  3. Our Fall 2023 dates have now been finalized! Fall 1 will take place on 9/22 - 9/24 at Camp Middlesex (our usual camp.) Fall 2 will take place 11/3 - 11/5 at Camp Lincoln. Camp Lincoln was the camp that Witchwood ran at for the first year of the game. Stay tuned for the in-world explanation!

Reminder: CP rollover is tomorrow at approximately noon