Crafty Help Needed - Improving the Shade Costumes

We’re looking for a volunteer (for CP) to alter our shade costumes to make them easier to put on.
This basically means cutting off the entire seam where the zipper is now and replacing it with ties. It also means tacking down all the white straggly bits.
(I can provide more specific guidance as required.)

I believe all of the costumes are currently at the camp in a black plastic bin in the shed.
If you are interested and happen to be coming to PK this weekend, I can point it out to you.

Staff thanks you in advance!

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I am up for this, though can also split them up if someone else is interested.

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I missed taking them after last Port Katherine, but have the shade costumes now so I can fix them this week and take them back to site on Friday.

Any request for how many ties you want to replace the removed zippers?
And would you prefer velcro over ties, since I do have some velcro?

Probably 2 or 3. And velcro is good!