Crisis Management

(posted to the tavern)

The various crisis that the world normally faces seem to be rising to a higher degree than normal lately, which may suggest that our normal methods of dealing with threats (everyone for themselves) may not work as well this time. We do not have the resources to effectively contend with all of our problems, and - while we cannot easily prioritize one doom over another or summon forth additional resources - we need to prevent duplication of efforts.

To this end, I am proposing that individuals interested in working on our problems coordinate their efforts. The first step is to make sure we have a complete list - from there, we can set up groups and share information.

Here’s the list of problems I believe we have (in no order other than alphabetized, based on an arbitrary name I gave them):

  • Asola Gates/Locus of Compulsion
  • Fraying of the Pattern
  • Golden Acorn
  • Lenmeri Mist (Corrupted Fire of Firmament)
  • Mist Wolf Creatures
  • Necromancers (Local)
  • Necromancers (Salendale)
  • Nightmares of Aethis
  • Refugees of Juldan
  • Reverie Sanctum Invasions/Scott
  • Sea Monster
  • Spriggans/Voidic Corruption
  • War between Xiem and Rensul
  • Winter’s Frost Kith

Let me know if I am missing anything. In a few days, I’ll write up additional tavern wall postings for coordinating groups willing to work on these issues.

Leopold Aldenberg
Docent with Merit, Imperfect Arts


Asola has a large building with a bunch of big green gates that people move in and out of freely. It makes you want to go closer/ messes with your mind, and is very likely the reason so many caravans in that area are making unplanned changes to their routes, and why shipping on the Marialla river is disrupted.

List updated.

Now I think I understand what “Asola is halfway between Xiem and Rensul” means.

  • Leopold

Said issues in Asola are assuredly the fault of the Locus of Compulsion, which I am happy to update people on, but the Weavers (Erris and Öykü especially) probably have the best grasp of that problem. Short version: powerful Reverie being pulling people in to gamble away their memories in rigged games.

There is Void corruption striking the Spriggans in the Witchwood from an unknown source. We are working on addressing it, but doing so on a large scale is not really possible with most Spriggans currently hostile towards us. I am doing research on purging the corruption from Tug’s sapling, Draca, and Tug is working on bringing the less-hostile Spriggans to Oak Harbor for cultural exchange.

As we have learned from past efforts, long-term peace with all Spriggans of the Witchwood is not practicable. Like any intelligent beings, they have their own factions and splinter groups and a variety of opinions about us. Some of them will always be hostile towards our presence here. That said, I believe there is much to be gained by making allies among them where we can, not only to help reduce a threat on our homefront, but also because the Spriggans have unparalleled access to mana-laden components with the Witchwood, up to and including Witchwood Leaves.

  • Zelai

I have updated the list with your topics.


Zelai is correct about Weaver work on the Asola issue. Eris now has what is needed for addressing that problem, but we may need the assistance of people ready to beat the Locus of Compulsion at its own games. I am not much of a gambler. This same Locus of Compulsion is responsible for some of the memory problems residents of Oak Harbor have experienced over the past year and may also be to blame for people in the area forgetting entire shipping routes.

I have a less world-shaking but otherwise notable concern to add: A Reverie entity is showing a pattern of occupying Weavers’ sanctums in Reverie and currently holds Scott captive.


I’ve added this to the list.