Donations list for Spring 2, 2017

Hi everyone. If you are interested in donating props to Witchwood for CP, here is a list of things we could use.

Useful in the near future:
1. [CLAIMED] More ice packs:
2. [CLAIMED] Make-up wipes:
3. [CLAIMED] 300 spell packets (1 CP per 75)
4. [CLAIMED] 4 yellow el wire packs:
5. [CLAIMED] 1 of this rug:
6. [CLAIMED] 2-4 pints of fake blood:

Useful in the medium-term:
7. [CLAIMED] 6-12 of these masks, or a volunteer to make something similar:
8. Renaissance shirts in various sizes for our generic costuming stash.

We’d probably do something fun with these if we had them, but we don’t specifically need them:
9. These masks:;;
10. Any of these prosthetics:
11. [CLAIMED] Magic sand (blue or yellow):
12. Super lava putty:
13. [CLAIMED] A few submersible lights:

I will claim #4, #5, and #6.

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That’s… a really ominous set of donations, really. 2 quarts of fake blood, a bunch of firmament EL wire, 300 spell packets, and a ritual circle. (Disclaimer: not claiming any of these)


I’ll claim the spell packets. (#3)

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I was thinking the same thing about the Void Shirts

I swear, the website randomly chose that link to be the one with a preview.

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Do they have to be those specific ice packs or would the reusable ones work? If it can be the reusable kind, I’ll bring those, too. (#1)

I’ll take some items from #10

It doesn’t have to be those specific ones, but we would like the pop-and-shake style that doesn’t need to be put in the freezer first.

Ok, the ones I have need the freezer, so give that to someone else, I guess.

I will get a couple of 24 packs of ice for item 1.


I’ll pick up the makeup wipes, since no one else wants to. I’ll throw in two of those submersible lights, too.

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I got six of #7.

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Claiming one of the shirts from 8 and going to grab the blue sand for 11.

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I want to apologize. I misjudged the amount of fabric I have, and can only make about 100 of the 300 spell packets. If someone else wants to grab the other 200, I’m willing to make and hand you the extra 25 so you can get 3cp. I feel bad about the short notice.

I’ve got the fabric. If we lived closer we could make them together. :frowning: Either way, I’ll finish off for you.

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Just a head’s up that #5 is probably not going to make it in time for the event; I ordered it the same day that I claimed it, but it’s one of those irritating Amazon items with a long lead time. Its current estimated delivery date is anywhere from June 16 to July 10.

Aww, that is too bad, but not the end of the world.

If I made 38 spell packets, is there any way I might be able to donate those in the future for .5 CP? I have this pesky .5 CP hanging around that I’d love to do something with. :slight_smile: