Dreams about Winter Feast?

Fellow townsfolk -

I know I’m not the only one who had a dream about Winter Feast. Would others mind sharing their dreams here, to see if we can make sense of them when considered as a whole?

I’ll begin: my dream was about being pleased with what I had acquired at Winter Feast. Then I dreamed that someone was staring at my bag, waiting to see what I would do with it.

~ Kael

Discussion with several other townsfolk has some among the Weavers suspecting this has to do with some Reverie entity called the Joker or Jester who wears many faces, the faces of various sins or vices.

Your dream sounds to me like Envy; other dreams I’ve heard recounted have sounded like Anger or other things.


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I got jealousy but nothing of consequence.

I was Mindshielded over the Summer due to concerns about the Locus of Complusion coming after some of us again, but I felt something try to get past the Mindshield. It may have been one of these dreams; it did not feel like something as powerful as we expect the Locus to be.

Relatedly, if anyone tried to send me a benign Dream, I did not receive your message.

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I had wrath. Spira also had one which may have been pride. Going theory is its related to that multi-faced thing that gave us weird dreams on a bench a few gathers back. Zelai knows more.

Ah, that makes sense. Are the Jester and this… Locus of Compulsion related? Do the weavers have a sense for what the Jester wants in a broader sense? Any idea why is it in our dreams now, when it’s been around for at least a year?

I am fuzzy on the specifics but my understanding based on the first dream it gave me on that bench is that it wants to re-order the world and boy was it ever a great idea… I forget what it was but it sure made me feel good!

Charming. If it wants to win my support for a re-ordered world, staring enviously at my magic items is not the way to go…

Thank you for your input. I’m just enough of a weaver to get confusing dreams, and rarely enough of a weaver to know what to make of them.

I believe Zevvi has more context on a conversation with the Joker or Jester entity in which the Lust persona spoke about no longer being in contact with Greed and another one (Envy?).

I don’t know that the Joker is related to the Locus of Compulsion.
Someone, perhaps Ficus, seemed to believe that it would be unusual to have dreams about this entity involving that particular feast unless the Joker or some agent of it had been there, but I don’t know how true that is.

Some people are interested in investigating the Joker because the Selvage (either a mantle or the current Gatekeeper of Reverie) is a being named Order who, in order to cooperate with some Pattern-related activities, may want our help in addressing something Erris described as “agents of nonsense.”

This description might apply to the Joker, the Locus of Compulsion, something related to nonsense mice, or something else.

Can someone confirm whether the entity with many personas is named Joker as opposed to Jester?
If so, the connection to card games from the name “Joker” might suggest more of a connection to the Locus of Compulsion’s gambling.

I’m always happy to help with dream interpretation, though I may be missing some of the local context pertinent to the dreams of Oak Harbor residents. Erris and Omoira may also have useful thoughts in this regard. You are welcome to specify whether you would like the collected advice of a group discussion among the weavers more experienced with dreaming or a more discreet conversation.

I believe it’s name is irrelevant, since I’m pretty sure the town named it after it’s tendency to giggle madly. It calls itself by the name of its current mask. Pride is dead. Greed is satiated and gone. Lust and Gluttony are still around, but separated from each other. I don’t really think it’s much of a threat, anymore.

The person who thought the Joker/Jester was probably irrelevant to the dreams was that very tall individual who showed up late at night on Willowsday. After the stories with the shuttle. They suggested that we should be looking at people who were actually there, or events that took place at the time.

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So now we’re back to not knowing what it is. I do tend to trust the intuition of very tall people, for some reason. Perhaps someone could look into getting the invite list for last year’s Feast, if they don’t know what to work on between gatherings, unless that is already being done.

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Thank you for clarifying the naming. My interpretation was not that the Joker / Jester entity was entirely irrelevant, but that it would be strange for those dreams to show up unless that entity or an agent of the Joker had been there. There was a different question of relevance - whether the Joker was related to the notion of “an agent of nonsense” that Erris had been looking into, based on Erris’ impression that we’ll need to assist The Selvage in reining an agent of nonsense in order to gain The Selvage’s assistance in dealing with the project we call “fixing the pattern” based on Fandalee terms.

It could make sense for these personas - Greed, Lust, etc. - to be related to the Locus of Compulsion if we think of these as impulses that individuals might feel compelled towards.

Identifying a list of those who were present at the feast seems like a useful starting point if these dreams bear further investigation.