Election Results!

Congratulations to Jordan G. and Ronny Rose on their election to the RFR Board of Directors! They will join the board effective immediately, and we will start scheduling the Winter board meeting.

The board is now: myself, Adrian Tatro, Brady Tatro, Jordan G, Matt Kamm, Ronny Rose, Sarah Walden McGowan.

Thank you to all who ran. We are a community of volunteers, and I appreciate all candidates’ offers of their time to run and improve the organization.

Joy Perkinson
RFR President


Congrats to the successful candidates!

Is there a way we can see the final polling results? (i.e. Voter turnout, percentages candidates received, etc.)

We are intentionally not publishing the percentages each candidate received, because people who received few votes may feel embarrassed about a public post to that effect. As for voter turnout: 61 people voted out of a total 150 eligible voters.


That’s a good point. Thanks for sharing the participation.