Elmsday Night Dead: a new Oak Harbor tradition

Hello all, it is I, your beloved Oak Harbor gravekeeper, Odelia.

I’ve heard your concerns that the graveyard is “a safety hazard” that is “sure to attract necromancers” and “a useless liability”, and I think what we really need is more chances as a community to interact positively with the graveyard.

So, I would like to invite you all to a small BONE-fire (you see what I did there? Huh? You see?) at the Graveyard tonight. Time will be ‘when it happens- until we’re done’. Please stop by to tell some stories, share some laughs, and watch some stuff burn.

I haven’t personally brought any food, but food-toasting is encouraged if you would like.


Thank you all for coming out for Elmsday Night Dead, especially our resident ghost, Fisal, but also Elanor, Nephros, Eris, and Durand for helping out with the fire and snacks!

I’m hoping to keep this tradition going into next year, hopefully with non-toxic logs. Bring your stories about all your dead friends!


Spring 1, 622 Gather Elmsday Night Dead will NOT have a fire due to your benevolent gravekeeper’s desire to not burn down the Witchwood in the current weather conditions. I am searching for fire-alternatives to make the graveyard an inviting space to gather and swap stories.