Employment Opportunities

There are a great many troubling issues affecting our town, and the Aldenberg family wishes to do our part to try and help out. As such, we are hiring individuals over the next few weeks who would be interested in taking on employment to assist with various problems around town. For anyone who signs on to any of the below tasks, we will offer 20 leaf in payment for services. As both of these tasks are tracking-related, those without direct experience in that matter can likely provide benefit by focusing on the task at hand and working together to achieve what otherwise could not be. Reply here to let me know you have taken on these tasks, and I will ensure you are paid on Eldersday, the next we meet.

We are seeking:

  • 1 to 3 individuals to seek out the locations where the invading mosquitos of Reverie have made their nests, along with the locations of their breeding grounds. If individuals can locate these areas, we can deal with them during our next gathering, and perhaps prevent this problem from spiraling out of control.
  • 1 to 3 individuals to seek out a Heartwood. As many of you may have heard, a Heartwood is required to repair the Bridge to Umbra, corrupted by Firmanent forces earlier this year. Last gathering, there were prophecies that a Heartwood appeared in the area, but none was found. I am hiring individuals who wish to work together to track down where this Heartwood might have gone, such that we can put together an expedition during the next gathering to collect it.

Again, we will pay 20 leaf to anyone who takes up either of these two causes.

Thank you,
Leopold Aldenberg


Shane here. Just write everything I say Vennick. You can put my name at the end too if you want. Anyway, the Hounds will fill slots on either job if you need it, but if folks are extra eager to go after them we won’t complain.

Now sign it for me. What the hell does sincerely mean? Yes write everything I say.




An intriguing set of job offers, but unfortunately, my time in the woods is already spoken for the next two gatherings. I know Micah is also on job this gathering, but you could reach out to William Fallon. He is a scout employed by the White Forest Trading Company, and might be able to help you track down the things you need.


I can help with the mosquitoes. Also what is the deal with the mosquitoes.


Nothing great. I’ll send you a letter soon. Tonight hopefully. -Tess

Just wanting to be perfectly clear. If you aren’t a scout trained in tracking, or a savvy Weaver, or have employees who are one of those two things, I suspect you’ll have to use all of your focus on either of these tasks.

Don’t want anyone volunteering and being surprised.


In regards to the mosquitoes, I will also be corresponding with Lecturer Annabelle (the one who discovered the mosquitoes), who will be researching the mosquitoes. We should know more by next gathering. Either way, we should probably brief the town on Elmsday of the gathering.