Event Photography

Hello folks!

In addition to going staff, I have a bit of amateur photography experience and access to really nice equipment.

Would folks be interested in having before-game, post-game, and during-game photography?

The pre/post-game could be posed or OOG but in costume, or whatever you want.

The in-game content would be opt-in, because I wouldn’t want to be obviously out there taking pictures. Rather I’d probably try to not break people’s immersion and hide in a gilly suit and try to capture more candid action shots of folks mid-fight, mid-RP, around the fire circle, etc.

If this is something you’d like to see happen, please reply to this thread with interest and we can try to make it happen :slight_smile:


This sounds amazing.

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I was honestly considering asking if someone would be open to doing something like this and I am happy with however you want to go about it.

I support this. I feel like both of the buildings have ample places where someone could be out of sight/ hidden enough to catch the action.

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I’d love to have pictures to show to my Dad and non LARP friends


(profile picture is literally Emmie on my front lawn lol)

I am very into this idea. That being said, I would like to make sure pics are shared only/initially in a private FB group or similar, and people should have to opt in to be tagged, as I know some folks are very uncomfortable having pics of them LARPing publicly available online for a variety of reasons. If you want, I can pass along the ToV photo policy that they post with event photos?

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I like this idea.