Event pricing: finalize your registration before Friday!

Witchwood community:

We’ve had some issues in the past with last-minute cancellations and registrations making it difficult for us to budget events, particularly regarding food. This year we’re encouraging people to lock in their plans 1 week out from each event so we can finalize our budget and move ahead with purchasing what we need. Some of these changes have been hinted at on the event pass page, but to ensure no one is caught off guard, here’s a summary:

  • The normal event price of $70 applies to everyone who registers AND pays at least a week in advance of the event.
  • Anyone paying within a week of the event, including last-minute registrations, will pay $80.
  • Cancellations within a week of the event will not be refunded. At this point we will have already spent money based on your attendance.
  • Season passes still work out to $65/event, and yearly passes still work out to $60/event.

Please register and pay for your event by Friday so we can buy your food! We look forward to seeing you soon at our Spring season.


Joy Perkinson,
for the RFR Board of Trustees

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