Fall 1 is approaching! Autumn is coming!

It may seem like a long time until LARP season starts up again, but it’s really right around the corner.

We’re now at less than 1 month until Fall 1!
That means that the BGS deadline is in only 10 days (6 am on Monday the 13th).

We will be re-setting the CP spending cap soon (exact date TBD), so if you hadn’t spend all your points for spring already, now is the time.

And don’t forget, next weekend is our out-of-game Revels celebration, combined with our fellow RFR game, Port Katherine. Prepare for pot-luck, swimming, our traditional trivia contest, a chance to finalize BGS with your friends, and general merriment!

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If the cap-reset is leaving any of you looking for CP opportunities, here’s what we need at the moment:

  1. [CLAIMED] 2x mummy masks: https://jet.com/product/Mummy-Latex-Half-Mask/e4b6590bf3e14d11b96c3bdda087fcf3 3
  2. [CLAIMED] Spell packets (1 CP per 75 packets. Will take up to 450.)
  3. [CLAIMED] Make-up wipes: https://smile.amazon.com/Aesthetica-Makeup-Removing-Wipes-Hypoallergenic/dp/B072MQD5BV
  4. A volunteer to paint some latex prosthetics.

I’ll get the masks and the make-up wipes.

I’ll take 300 of the spell packets, please. :slight_smile: (I might be able to do all 450… but not sure)

I can make the last 150 spell packets, do you have a color preference?

Any color is fine.

If anyone has a bigger yarn collection than they really need, we will give you CP for donating yarn as supplies for the upcoming fiber arts competition.

Embroidery floss and similar also accepted.

:astonished: I can help with this. Both parts. Ashleigh can probably help with the yarn.

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I can also help with yarn

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I might use this as an opportunity to cull down some of my yarn. It will make my S.O. happy.

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